Pacific Inspection Co. would like to thank its customers for making us the #1 Sales Rep. in all of North America for Optical Gaging Products (OGP) for the 2016-2017 fiscal year!

OGP Fusion Large-Field-of-View Measurement Systems

Fusion large-field-of-view (LFOV) multisensor measurement systems offer an innovative optical system with two selectable optical configurations, and provide power, speed and versatility to automate measurement and maximize throughput. Fusion represents the state-of-the-art in measurement performance.

OGP SmartScope Flash Systems

SmartScope® Flash™ systems are the best choice in automatic general purpose dimensional measurement. A high quality, 12:1 zoom lens calibrates itself at every magnification change for consistent measurement accuracy. Innovative solid state illumination sources, color camera, and ZONE3® 3D CAD based metrology software make every Flash model a powerful video measuring system. Every Flash model is multisensor capable, supporting tactile probes, laser scanners, and micro-probes.

OGP SmartScope Quest Systems

SmartScope® Quests™ from OGP® are high-accuracy metrology systems designed to use a variety of sensors for full three-dimensional measurement. Accurate video measurements require accurate images, and Quest offers the best optical performance available. Our patented TeleStar®10:1 zoom lens is completely telecentric and automatically calibrated throughout its range for distortion free, high-fidelity images - perfect for high-accuracy metrological applications. Pair any SmartScope Quest with QVI® ZONE3® 3D CAD based metrology software.