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Renishaw is a global, high precision metrology and healthcare technology group.

Renishaw’s broad range of modular fixturing components and custom design capabilities provides solutions for a variety of applications and parts of almost any size, shape or material. Base plates and components are available as standard in M4, M6, M8 metric and 1/4-20 imperial thread sizes.


CMM fixtures

Renishaw's CMM fixtures can improve the throughput, reproducibility and accuracy of your inspection process by providing quick and repeatable fixturing set-ups for your components.

The Renishaw CMM fixtures range includes a wide choice of standard size base plates and an extensive selection of components with M4, M6, M8 or 1/4-20 threaded fittings. Whether you are inspecting parts for aerospace, automotive, electronics, industrial or medical applications, Renishaw can provide a complete fixturing solution for any part regardless of its size, shape or material.

Vision Fixtures

Renishaw's vision fixtures and acrylic base plates allow for back lighting and a clear, clean look at the part from your vision system and multi-sensor machines.

Renishaw's vision fixtures offer two unique fixturing solutions designed to fit your specific vision system or multisensory machine:

  • QuickLoad™ corner (QLC)
  • Interchangeable vision fixture (IVF)
  • Each system uses an acrylic base plate that allows for the use of backlighting for a clear view of the part on your vision system.

Improve the throughput, reproducibility and accuracy of your inspection process with fast and repeatable fixturing set-ups using Renishaw's vision fixtures.

Custom Fixtures

If Renishaw's standard range of modular fixturing does not meet your requirements, we can design and create custom fixtures for your CMM, vision system or Equator™ gauge.

Renishaw's engineers can provide custom fixturing solutions for your inspection and gauging systems, taking a design from concept to build. Custom fixturing applications are used across all industries from aerospace to automotive and medical to precision manufacturing.

All aspects of the specific task are taken into consideration to ensure the best solution is achieved, including:

  • How frequently the part will be measured
  • The type of material, size and shape of the part
  • Dimensions and tolerances of the part
  • Datums or orientation of the part
  • Weight and size of the fixture

Renishaw FixtureBuilder

Renishaw's FixtureBuilder software creates fixturing set-ups to provide documentation and assist off-line programming for CMM, Equator™ gauging and vision inspection.

FixtureBuilder is a 3D-modelling software package designed to allow the creation and documentation of fixturing set-ups.

The software can be used with a CAD model of the inspected part, which is imported into FixtureBuilder, so that the fixture can be built around it. The entire set-up, along with the inspected part, can then be exported into inspection programming software. FixtureBuilder supports most CAD formats including IGES, SAT and STEP. A translator add-on module is available for Pro/E and CATIA.