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Mitutoyo manufactures a complete line of precision hand tools, hardness testers, form measuring systems, surface finish gaging, and laser micrometers.

Mitutoyo hardness testers employ closed-loop control of primary and final forces (loads) to achieve unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. The extended indenter arm reaches inside diameters and hard to reach surfaces at eye level, allowing the operator to easily see where the indenter addresses small or hard to reach parts. Preliminary test force and application of total test force are automatically set.

Contour measurement is easily accomplished with a Mitutoyo Contracer. By digitizing the X and Z axes and analyzing the data with FORMPAK data analysis software, a variety of dimensional measurement task are performed. Tolerancing of the contour with respect to nominal data is also provided.

High precision measurements of surface finish and texture are provided by the Mitutoyo Surftest line. Roughness parameters compatible with ISO, DIN, ANSI, and JIS are provided.

Mitutoyo also manufactures a non-contact, high-accuracy laser measuring system that is suitable for measuring the outer diameter of cylindrical workpieces, plate widths, sheet thickness, etc. The specified high accuracy over the entire range of measurement is maintained even with an ultrahigh speed measurement of 1600 scans/second.