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KOTEM is a leading supplier of advanced software for evaluation and fitting of measurement data, functional GD&T evaluation, and 3D best fitting solutions. KOTEM products are used by a wide range of manufacturers to design and fabricate precision components with verified tolerances.

KOTEM dimensional analysis software provides essential tools that leverage the power of GD&T. KOTEM EVOLVE software enables manufacturers to shorten new product development time by quickly integrating dimensional measurement feedback into the design and manufacturing workflow.

EVOLVE SmartProfile

GD&T Evaluation Software
EVOLVE SmartProfile is a model-based user interface that supports a seamless project workflow, from importing data to generating the report. EVOLVE SmartProfile provides guidance for adding or modifying part design tolerances based on actual part inspection results.

  • Eliminate results variability caused by using different evaluation techniques and/or metrology software.
  • Eliminates human error caused by incorrect interpretation of the GD&T standards.
  • Quickly assesses part tolerances and processes to improve production.
  • Optimize enterprise resources by separating part measurements from the tolerance evaluation process.


Improves Design GD&T

EVOLVE Design is Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tolerancing software which helps engineers apply correct GD&T (GPS) tolerances to their CAD models.

  • Apply functionally and syntactically correct GD&T in a 3D model
  • Proof your CAD model’s GD&T and get helpful guidance
  • Learn from context-sensitive explanations that refer to the specific part of the standards
  • Communicate to downstream processes and eliminate waste and errors in transcriptions of GD&T

EVOLVE Design proofs your GD&T (GPS) tolerances on the model. Highlights potential tolerancing problems and provides recommendations through its explanatory systems that show relevant guidance based on the GD&T standard chosen.

EVOLVE Design has Tolerance Stackup and Point Generator tools to provide a better understanding of the impact of chosen tolerances.

EVOLVE Manufacturing

GD&T and Functionality

Using GD&T in the manufacturing process provides inherent benefits, but modern manufacturers realize that a GD&T drawing is not enough.

GD&T requirements target the combined effects of all factors – size, location, orientation, etc. Efficient manufacturing analysis requires the separation of factors. There are fundamental differences between “evaluation of measurements to ensure function” and “evaluation of measurements to provide direct feedback to manufacturing”. These differences involve the datums used, coordinate systems vs. DRFs, the mathematical algorithms used, the presentation of the results – to mention a few.


Built for the Future, Powerful Tools that are Easy to Use

EVOLVE SPC is a full statistical process control software that can be used as either a standalone product with existing measuring systems or integrated into the EVOLVE Suite.

EVOLVE SPC information is visualized in the 3D CAD model as tables and graphs, making it easier to see process variations by characteristic. Legacy measurement data can be converted to model-based data using a simple wizard.

EVOLVE SPC is easy to install and get running right away but it also includes a powerful database, saving you the headache of separate database management. The database is available if you need it and invisible if you do not.

SmartFit 3D

SmartFit 3D is a standalone 2D/3D best-fitting and analysis software

SmartFit 3D is an interactive software environment where measured data is analyzed, optimized, and compared to CAD and theoretical data.

SmartFit 3D starts working where your measuring tools leave off. This powerful, intuitive software accepts measured data from virtually any contact or non-contact inspection device, including CMMs, laser scanners, laser trackers, and video systems.

Data are compared to the nominal representation of a part (CAD model, drawings, nominal points) to optimize their positions. Intelligent best-fitting mathematical methods provide thorough analysis, optimization, and evaluation of conformance to form and location for 2D/3D rigid bodies and assemblies.