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Diatest offers a complete line of bore gages and probes, in addition to a line of specialized crankshaft and gear gages.


BMD plug gages are high precision self-centering indicating bore gages. BMD plug gages are mainly used for the volume gaging of close toleranced bores. A large assortment of accessories e.g. indicator holders, depth extensions, adapters, and right angle attachments are available.


The crankshaft gage can be used for the testing of crankshafts and crankshaft bearings. Crankshaft gages are used when testing marine engines, motor vehicle engines, compressors etc. in grinding shops, repair departments and in the assembly of engines.


With split-ball probes, the measurement of through and blind bores, together with parallel distances, can be made. A large assortment of accessories such as holders, depth extensions, adapters, right angle attachments, and depth stops enables use as a handheld gage, or in checking stands and gaging fixtures.


These indicating 2-point bore gages distinguish themselves by easy handling, various combination possibilities, and a large measuring range. Apart from detecting the diameter, the shape deviations (conical, barrel, out-of-round) can be determined.


External gear gages are used for measuring pitch diameter and the size “over the balls.” The gages are made of an aluminum ring with an adjustable ball anvil and a movable ball plunger which transfers the measuring movement directly to a dial indicator. For exact measurements, the gage can be mounted in a checking stand.

Internal gear gages are used for measuring pitch diameter and the “dimension between balls.” The gages are, depending on size, like the split-ball probe system and the plunger probe system. The accessories for those gages, right angle attachment, floating holder, etc. can also be used.