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Certified Comparator Products   Certified Comparator Products provides a full range of optical comparator solutions from a 14" benchtop to a 30" side-screen comparator.  

Certified Comparator Products Optical Comparator Solutions


TruLight™ LED illumination

TruLight LEDs are extremely bright, and provide consistent performance. They will last the lifetime of the optical comparator, while consuming only a fraction of the energy required for tungsten illumination.

Never replace a lamp again!


eCAD™ electronic CAD overlay and chart screen projection software

eCAD is a new electronic overlay package consisting of software and internal comparator hardware that allows a CAD model to be used to project a profile tolerance band onto the comparator screen.

eCAD conveniently uses the native CAD file directly on the optical comparator screen. Easily see all critical areas of the part as eCAD allows the digital CAD file on the screen to follow the movements of the measuring stage.


EdgeScan™ internal automatic edge detection

EdgeScan auto edge detection is an internally mounted unit that automatically locates shadow edges.

  • Repeatability better than 0.00008" (2 µm) on optimal edges
  • CCP systems equipped with TruLight LED illumination prolong calibration even further since there is no light level degradation causing a need for re-calibration
  • System truly scans for edges. EdgeScan can be told to seek a single edge, or to automatically scan for the perimeter of an ID or OD hole



Click here to visit the extensive Certified Comparator Products website.